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Engineering of creativity: introduction to TRIZ methodology of inventive problem solving

Invention and innovation lie at the heart of problem solving in virtually every discipline, but they are not easy to come by. Divine inspiration aside, historically we have depended primarily on observation, brainstorming, and trial-and-error methods to develop the innovations that provide solutions. But these methods are neither efficient nor dependable enough for the high-quality, high-tech engineering solutions we need today.TRIZ is a unique and powerful, algorithmic approach to problem solving that demonstrated remarkable effectiveness in its native Russia, and whose popularity has now spread to organizations such as Ford, NASA, Motorola, Unisys, and Rockwell International. Until now, however, no comprehensive, comprehensible treatment, suitable for self-study or as a textbook, has been available in English.Engineering of Creativity provides a valuable opportunity to learn and apply the concepts and techniques of TRIZ to complex engineering problems. The author-a world-renowned TRIZ expert-covers every aspect of TRIZ, from the basic concepts to the latest research and developments. He provides step-by-step guidelines, case studies from a variety of engineering disciplines, and first-hand experience in using the methodology.Application of TRIZ can bring high-quality-even breakthrough-conceptual solutions and help remove technical obstacles. Mastering the contents of Engineering of Creativity will bring your career and your company a remarkable advantage: the ability to formulate the best possible solutions for technical systems problems and predict future developments.

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The Professor

The Professor was the first novel by Charlotte Brontë. The book is the story of a young man, William Crimsworth. It describes his maturation, his loves and his eventual career as a professor at an all-girl's school. William's first person narration reveals his attraction to the dominating directress of the girls' school where he teaches, played out in the school's 'secret garden'. Balanced against this is his more temperate relationship with one of his pupils, Frances Henri, in which mastery and submission interplay.

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The Professor

The Professor was the first novel by Charlotte Brontë. The book is the story of a young man, William Crimsworth. It describes his maturation, his loves and his eventual career as a professor at an all-girl's school. William's first person narration reveals his attraction to the dominating directress of the girls' school where he teaches, played out in the school's 'secret garden'. Balanced against this is his more temperate relationship with one of his pupils, Frances Henri, in which mastery and submission interplay.

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How to Survive Peer Review

Description: This is a practical guide to major forms of peer review suitable especially for the beginner, but also helpful to the experienced researcher. It provides a simple and concise explanation of the peer review process with useful tips both for the reviewer and reviewee. The use of somewhat humorous tables drives home the major points.Purpose: This is intended as a practical handbook to help the reader survive peer review and become a competent reviewer. These are worthy objectives because this is a fundamental process in academic research. The authors are effective in meeting these goals.Audience: This book is directed at people at various levels of medical training. Anyone submitting to peer reviewed journals, particularly beginners such as students, residents, fellows, and junior faculty should find this book very helpful. However, there are some useful and practical tips that even more senior faculty would benefit from.Features: Covered is peer review of journal articles, conference abstracts, grant proposals, professional peer review, and informal review from the point of view of the reviewer and reviewee. The discussion on peer reviewed journals is particularly helpful and thorough. The major shortcoming I found is the omission of the discussion of preliminary data for grant submissions. It is not mentioned at all and yet is critical to the acceptance of grants.Assessment: This book succeeds admirably as an enjoyable, informative, and practical handbook of peer review. Although I have experience in the journal review process, this book is the first one of its kind that I have encountered. I have benefited from reading it and wish that I had access to it earlier in my career. This would be useful addition to every medical school bookstore and library. It could be used as a text in courses on research design and process

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management: how to plan and manage successful projects

Managing a complex project can be an interlude in horror for the unprepared manager. This book supplies all the techniques that businesspeople new to project management need.The authors lay out each step of how to plan, implement, and finish up a project, whether it's in traditional fields like construction, or in the newer areas, such as corporate planning, R&D, or new products. Project Management shows novice project managers how to:• Set the scope and goals of a project• Utilize scheduling techniques, including networks and bar charts• Estimate costs• Monitor progress and report on it• Deal with unexpected problemsManagers learn to keep their project on course-and keep their careers on track at the same time

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The 7 hidden reasons employees leave: how to recognize the subtle

The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave can help you identify the "push" factors in your organization, and mitigate or eliminate all of them. Incorporating data from surveys performed by the prestigious Saratoga Institute of more than 19,000 employees, this critical book examines in depth: * How the employee and the employer travel a two-way street of expectation and reality; what are the warning signs of unmet expectations, and how can you best act on them? * How incomplete talent strategies lead to employee-job mismatches; why a passion for matching must become a core competency in your organization. * The ultimate cost of insufficient or ineffectual feedback; a five-step coaching process that builds strong and durable working relationships. * How growth and advancement opportunities are not keeping pace with new career expectations; how to create opportuinities and help your employees create their own. * Best pay practices, rewards programs, and other initiatives for valuing and recognizing employees; understanding the emotional impact of compensation and recognition programs. * The real toll that stress and overwork take on your employees - and on your bottom line; a look at how the best places to work in America got that way, even without high-profile or "newfangled" perks or benefits. * How leadership and employees can (and must) build an environment of mutual trust and confidence; the three universal questions every employee needs answered, and how a disengaged workforce

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How to prepare Your Curriculum Vitae - Как подготовить резюме

Description: The curriculum vitae, a resume of educational and work background, is essential for undergraduates applying to graduate and professional schools. Now revised and updated, How to Prepare Your Curriculum Vitae helps readers to analyze their academic career and create the best "academic resume" possible.Features:* A new chapter on crafting international CVs* Sample CVs, including scannable and international* Extensive appendix material with a comprehensive list of action verbs and a bibliography of style books and manuals"

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The winner stands alone - Paulo Coelho

The book loosely tells the story of several individuals: Igor, a Russian millionaire; Hamid, a Middle Eastern fashion magnate; American actress Gabriela, eager to land a leading role; ambitious criminal detective Savoy, hoping to resolve the case of his life; and Jasmine, a woman on the brink of a successful modeling career.

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The Phoenix Conspiracy

On the surface, the galaxy seems peaceful. Humankind prospers from the Capital World to the far reaches of The Corridor. But to those who can see the signs, it's clear something is wrong. Long, dark fingers are pulling strings inside the military, making clandestine deals with enemy states, and fulfilling some dark design. Calvin is an intelligence agent working for the Imperial government. He's young, his methods are unorthodox, but he gets results. So when a former military hero steals a warship and goes rogue--threatening to start a war, Calvin is sent to eliminate him. But as he chases his prey across the stars, he realizes they are both pawns in a shadowy chess game that shakes kingdoms, divides empires, and threatens civilization everywhere. And if he is to uncover the mystery and expose the conspiracy he must confront--and embrace--the darkest elements of the galaxy and throw himself, his career, and everyone he loves into the line of fire.

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Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Napoleon Hill′s timeless classic, Think and Grow Rich, has the distinction of being the best read self–help book of the twentieth century. Not so well known is how Hill earned his livelihood before he wrote Think and Grow Rich. How to Sell Your Way Through Life, written in the depth of the Great Depression, explains how Hill spent many years perfecting his skills as a master salesman and sales trainer. The information is as relevant in today′s economy as it was in a time very similar to ours. How To Sell Your Way Through Life brings you the practical information that can only be obtained from the experience of success. This dynamic guide is based on the lives and careers of hundreds of salesmen who started with nothing and worked up to leading positions in their fields. Key advice presented includes Auto–Suggestion, your first step in salesmanship "Qualifying" your prospective buyer Neutralizing your buyer′s mind The habit of doing more than you are paid for How to budget your time Your master plan for getting a position Even if you′re just getting your start, How To Sell Your Way Through Life gives you the keys to success in both sales and life.

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Shoot to Kill

The 31st Instalment in the Murder Squad series. Cops are no different to the general populace and the belief that to shoot dead another human being is morally reprehensible. The vast majority of Cops would go through a long and illustrious career without the need to ever draw their service pistol, let alone having to shoot dead some-one. Highly improbable, though it is an important part of a Copper's training from the early induction days at the Police Academy in Goulburn.

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Terror at 9.00 P.M.

This is the 51st Instalment in the Novella Series detailing the life and career of Detective Joseph Lind. His work took a back seat as he recuperated from major heart surgery and a decent clunk on the head as he fell and hit his head on the side of his desk as he suffered the major heart attack. Upon his return to work, his mojo was sadly lacking and it took his presence in the two concurrent Terrorist attacks in Sydney, the closure of his long-time friend Knacker’s death and the solving of the “The Three Bodies in the Bathtub” Case before he again found his enthusiasm for the job. It is said that we are all capable of murder given the right set of circumstances and chain of events.

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A Place to call Home

his is the 40th Instalment in the series on the life and career of Murder Squad DetectiveJoseph Lind. His long-term partner Detective Shelley Anne Shields, due to a confrontation with a fleeing felon, has not been able to carry out her normal duties and has been ordered home on Sick Leave. Joseph is now paired with the young and enthusiastic Detective Grade 1 Sasha Blayney who had been mentored by Lind and Shields at an earlier time. Lind and Blayney are relieved of two murder investigations in a row much to the chagrin of their Boss, DI Clive Butler. The cases involved multiple deaths of illegal immigrants. People who have out-stayed their Temporary Visas of certain classes and been used as nothing short of slave labour. A situation that exists in this day and age and in a country such as Australia!

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It Never is a Good Time to Die

This is the 48th Instalment in the Series detailing the life and career of Murder Squad Detective Joseph Lind and his young partner Shelley Anne Shields. The two are split as a team to become Mentors to two young Dees who are failing as a team themselves. Clive Butler, the Boss of the Murder Squad attempts to save the two from certain dismissal by splitting them and having each placed in the care and tutelage of our two favourite Detectives. Is this sufficient to save the two? A typical Australian ‘Big City’ suburban neighbourhood where very little ever occurs to break the peacefulness of the area. A mixture of Home-owners, Renters and a few Housing Commission dwellings where even if persons knew their close neighbour, it usually is a wave, a smile or a nod of the head the only gesture of friendliness and personal attachment. Very little is known of the life, feelings or thoughts of those living in close proximity.

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Blood Lust

This is the 57th Instalment in the series dealing with the career and life of Murder SquadDetective Joseph Lind. In this episode he finds himself flying solo before he becomes the mentor and partner of two Grade Three Detectives Simone Bartholomew and Douglas Chalmers. His long-term partner Detective Shelley Anne Shields becomes pregnant again. In an effort to minimise the chance of losing this baby, she decides to take the hard decision of leaving the Police Force for the duration, hoping that such a radical move will help in her going full term. Detective Lind finds himself saddled with the two Grade Three Detectives who have transferred from other areas of the Force, hoping to become successful Murder Dees. This situation shows once again, that it is not as easy as some assume in becoming a successful Dee on the floor of the Murder Squad.

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Artificial Intelligence for game developer

The Game Developer–an elusive, tempting career. Whether you’ve been coding since you were born, or been gaming since your thumbs were long enough, it’s time to do some exploring

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Eye of the Storm

With this never-before published follow up to Resurrection, John Frances hunts tracks down demons. A seasoned veteran from the Metro Police Division, Paul has built a renowned career from hunting down serial killers. It should have brought him everything he wished for, with fame, notoriety as well as respect, but rather, it's given him nightmares. He dreams of torturing ladies, driving them to the actual brink of death as well as beyond, again and again. These visions torment his nights and haunt his daytime hours, and when he learns that he had been sleepwalking, disappearing for uncalculated hours at any given time, he can't help asking himself the question: has the demon hunter become a demon himself?

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Jack London 1 - Before Adam & other stories

Description: Renowned as a writer of classic adventure stories such as The Call of the Wild and White Fang, Jack London also had a parallel career as a writer of science fiction and fantasy. In Leonaur's three volume, The Collected Science Fiction & Fantasy of Jack London, his SF and fantasy novels and shorter works are brought together for the first time. In the title novel of Before Adam & Other Stories a modern man experiences through his dreams the harsh and savage life of an ancestor from a time when our species was only beginning to rise above its animal origins. London's powerful writing conjures not only the sights, smells and sounds of that ancient time, but also the feelings of terror, joy and love that set early man apart from the animals. This volume is rounded out with nine vivid shorter works in a variety of modes, but all, ultimately, concerned with how change impacts on ordinary people.

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A diagnosis of terminal cancer crushes fighter pilot Jake Bronson's dream of a long career in the United States Air Force. But a medical accident gives him an astonishing gift by inexplicably launching his brain into overdrive, making him a human super-computer with extraordinary psychic powers. And while the wondrous new abilities are cold comfort to a man about to die young, an ocean away they're the answer to the unholy prayers of arch-terrorist Luciano Battista. He's planning the ultimate jihadist attack and creating an army of mind-controlled super agents to carry it out. All he needs to make his monstrous crusade a reality are the secrets of a genuine superior brain. Using a beautiful woman as bait and innocent children as blackmail, Battista will lure Jake toward a fate far worse than an early death--by making him the ultimate weapon in the slaughter of millions. "A terrifically entertaining thriller with three finely executed set pieces strung together with nice characterization. Especially successful is Bronson, an amiable, low-key tough guy able to rescue his princess, survive brutality, and retain a sense of humor." - Publishers Weekly.

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Argumentaire de motivation en anglais

Rédiger votre argumentaire de motivation en anglais

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The Black Tide

The story of a young DJ who becomes involved in a life-altering love triangle with two sisters in New York as he pursues his career as a recording artist. He moves to London and eventually experiences the taste of success on the European club circuit, but soon realises that it was not all he hoped for when both he and his close friend and music manager end up single and alone. On a deeper level, the novel explores how time changes human relationships in such a way that powerful experiences from our past eventually become distorted and irrevocable. Written in graceful vivid prose The Black Tide is Antonelli's most moving and heartfelt novel to date. Reading like Flaubert's Sentimental Education meets Goethe's Elective Affinities, but set against the riveting background of the modern electronic music scene in New York/Detroit and London/Berlin, it is a must read for any fan of contemporary music and literature.

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The Warren Buffett Way: The World’s Greatest Investor

“The Warren Buffett Way outlines his career and presents examples of how his investment techniques and methods evolved and the important individu- als in the process. It also details the key investment decisions that produced his unmatched record of performance. Finally, the book contains the think- ing and the philosophy of an investor that consistently made money using the tools available to every citizen no matter what their level of wealth.”

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A Weekend in Brussels

It’s summer 1966 in London. Pat Wolfe, a recently married twenty six year old, is launched on his career in a City of London engineering firm. His conventional life changes when he meets Elsa, a Finnish exchange student. Pat breaks with the conformity of the world he lives in, one he has been led to believe is the quintessence of life, a trap, that he now realises leads to a mind numbing, in the rut, existence. He discovers a different world, one he had only previously glimpsed from afar.

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Whenever You Want

Christina Witten didn’t want to be an escort! She wanted to be an administrative assistant, not a make-believe trophy on a man's arm. If she could only make a bit of money, she could finish her course at the college and have the career of her dreams. Fate, however, threw her nothing but curveballs. The men she dated as an escort were supposed to be boring and she was certainly not tempted to fall in love with one of them. It had been a breeze until Mark Lewis entered the scene.

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Guide de responsabilité civile sportive 2019

Lire attentivement le livre qui distingue les responsabilité civile sportive des cadres supérieurs sportifs ayant de l'expérience et du bon formation approfondie sur le football professionnel 2019 Marocain.

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Don’t Work Stupid, Coach Yourself: 40 Things Managers Won’t Tell You. A Step by Step Guide to Coach

Do you lay awake at night, asking where your career will be in ten years? Do you know what it takes to truly be successful at work, and develop a satisfying career? Are you stuck in crisis mode, and wondering how you can finally get ahead of the game?

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Life and Adventures of Frank and Jesse James

The cruel strife of the border can never be forgotten. Those were tragic days, the very remembrance of which comes like a dream of sorrow and desolation of soul. It is well that such terrible times have passed away, for to those who were exposed to the fury of that tidal-wave of passion, which swept over the fair borderland, physical existence must have been a wheel of pain. But the mighty procession of the ages, sweeping by, will soon obliterate the traces of the storm's ravages, and only the dim legends of horrible deeds will remain. In that dreadful ebullition of human hatreds, Frank and Jesse James played no laggard's part. As boys, they accepted service under Quantrell, and became renowned for caution and daring even in the days of their youth. Members of a partisan organization, famed even in the early days of the strife for daring deeds and extraordinary activity; a band, every man of which was a desperado of great cunning and prowess, these two callow-youths, taken from a country farm, speedily rose to the eminence of leading spirits among the most daring of men. Both sides in the border counties of Missouri and Kansas prosecuted war with a vindictive fury unparalleled in modern history. The scene of the operations of the Guerrillas was at first confined to the limits of Clay, Platte, Jackson, Bates, Henry, Johnson, and Lafayette counties, in Missouri, and along the Kansas border. These men rode far and fast in the night time, and fought their foes at early dawn. Living in out-of-the-way neighborhoods were their friends. When pressed hard they disbanded and scattered, and rendered all pursuit futile. Frank and Jesse James early discovered those traits of character which have rendered them famous as the greatest outlaws and freebooters of modern times. They became scouts and spies for Quantrell at the beginning of their career, and showed themselves possessors of remarkable capacity for such service. They were cool and brave, fertile in resources, and marvelous in cunning. After Lawrence came the disbandment, and with the disbandment came that strange training in individual development and personal reliance which have made the Boys objects of fear to the people of many regions, and enabled them to plunder at will, baffle pursuit, and defy the civil authorities of great States. They had hiding places with friends in Clay, Platte, Jackson, Johnson, Cass and Lafayette counties, and when the Guerrilla band to which they belonged scattered in order to evade pursuers, the Boys retired to the dwellings of their friends and rested in peace till the time of re-organizing, when an enemy was to be punished. Perhaps no two individuals ever lived on this continent who have taken so many lives, as the James Boys. Emerging from the seclusion which they could always find in the Hudspeth neighborhood, in the eastern part of Jackson county, in July, 1863, with Captain George Todd, a redoubtable Guerrilla chieftain, with whose command Frank and Jesse often fought, they struck the road leading from Pleasant Hill to Blue Springs. Major Ransom, a Federal officer with a cavalry force, was traveling that road at the time. A collision took place. The fighting was savage. The volleys of revolver bullets fired by the Guerrillas proved awfully destructive to their opponents. Jesse and Frank James have been credited with a tremendous destruction of life—Jesse killing seven, and, Frank eight men in the Federal ranks during that encounter. One night Frank James and five or six of his comrades were detailed to capture and kill the militia men who were accustomed to frequent a bagnio, four miles east of Wellington, in Lafayette county. Frank James preceded the little band, and, creeping up under the window, he saw the company inside. There were eleven men in dalliance with the women. James returned to his comrades, reported the result of his observations, and the Guerrillas rode to the house. A peremptory summons brought the militiamen to the yard. The Guerrillas poured a volley of bullets among them. The ten men fell, pierced by the deadly missiles. But where was the eleventh man? There had been that number in the house when James saw the company, and the man could not have left the place. A search was instituted. The man could not be found. But there was one woman more in the party than had been seen before. A candle was procured and a search instituted among them. They all appeared to be women. Frank James discovered the man. He was a youth, fair skinned and blue eyed, with long brown hair. His features were handsome, and in the garments of a woman he appeared not unlike a fresh country girl. Of course he expected to die there. His ten companions presented the spectacle of a ghastly wreck of humanity in the yard as they lay there cold in death. But he plead for his life. He was so young to die. "Here, Frank, take him," said the leader. "You discovered him; he is yours to deal with." It was a sentence of death, they said. The boy thought so, and hope vanished. "Come," said Frank, "come along and be shot." The poor youth trembled in every nerve. He could scarcely walk. His supposed executioner had to assist him down the steps and out through the yard. They passed the ghastly heap of corpses, lying there in the dim starlight. They went away, into the darkness under the sombre trees, down the road. Poor boy, he thought of his mother. Under the wide-spreading branches of an ancient oak they halted. "Here! we are far enough," said Frank James. The poor youth almost fell to the earth from excess of emotion. To die, and so young, and in such a way, too! "Oh, spare me for the sake of my mother!" he wailed. "You are free to go! I give you your life. You are outside of the pickets, outside of danger. Go, and be quick about it!" And at that moment Frank James fired a pistol shot upward through the branches of the oak, and the fair haired boy soldier disappeared in the darkness—spared for the sake of his mother by the youthful desperado. Frank James returned to his comrades. They had heard the shot and naturally concluded that it meant one more life ended. Frank assumed a grave expression. "Quick work," remarked a comrade. "Yes," returned the Guerrilla, "babies and boys are not hard to kill." He never spoke of that better deed he performed out there, with only the stars and God as witnesses.

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Kiss and Cry: Part 2

With the Olympic Games over, the competition for Dalia's heart begins. Dalia was forced to give up Adam the guy of her dreams to pursue a skating career with her gorgeous partner Ryan. Now that the Olympics are over and Canada's favourite couple has returned, there's nothing stopping Adam from reclaiming the love of his life, except Ryan of course!

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